December Solidarity Summit: Fireside Chats + Annual Meeting!

We’ll host on this zoom channel, and feel free to curl up or gather by a fire with us…

Join us for informal, in-depth chats with a variety of incredible hosts. Sessions will run less than 2 hours so you will have breaks in between.

Saturday December 18

  • 10-12 CST Why Detroit Matters: From community building to liberated zones and transformative economics Roundtable hosted by Richard Feldman-  Boggs Center-Freedom Dreams & TTR & East Side Solutionaries; with Monique Thompson – Freedom Growers, 291 House, Green Chairs not Green Lights; Kim Sherobbi-  Boggs Center and Birwood; Coach Kellogg- Freedom Dreams CLT

Vincent Harding

Grace lee Boggs:  Watch “We are shaking the world with a new dream” by Sacred Resonance
Watch “Detroit” by Sacred Resonance

  • 12-2 CST Tips and Tools for Mutual Aid Now (Sybille Saint Girons, facilitator)
  • 2-4 CST HUMANs Annual Member Meeting and Board Election. More fun and interesting than it sounds 🙂 Learn what we’ve been up to, including exciting moves toward more integrated, fun and useful open source software. If you’re interested in running for the HUMANs Board please email

Sunday, December 19


“The concept of the common good, the notion that we may have to do some things that we don’t want to do in order to achieve a greater goal is anathema to libertarians” said Billy Bragg in a recent Campfire syndicated article.

Curiously, progressive and traditionally left-of-centre thinkers are now advocating conforming to the governmental and mainstream media narrative around Covid vaccination compliance, passports and even mandated injections.

How many freedoms do we need to sacrifice for increasingly divisive systems which seem to be rapidly breaking down society rather than working for the good of humanity.

Creating communities, raising awareness of the ‘mass formation’ taking place, shifting levels of consciousness, challenging government narratives are all valid examples of working for the common good.

What does ‘the common good’ represent for you? What can we each do to make the changes we feel are best for us collectively?

Join us for a discussion around the Campfire on Sunday 19th December at 17:00 UK time.

  • 1-3CST Gorazd Norcic on  Yugoslavia’s almost forgotten experiment – self-management. (And there is a reason why it has to be forgotten!)

Bio: I am mechanical engineer by education. Got this degree from socialist Yugoslavia/Slovenia. Have MBA degree from capitalist USA. All my life I was working – not – in mechanical engineering. In my previous life I was involved in turn around management, marketing, project management (mainly software), distributed animation production (last production was simultaneously running on three continents), etc.

Some years ago I have stepped off the civilisation’s train destined pretty much to oblivion. This decision, besides a lot of headaches, gave me also time to study and understand – hopefully – much better what is going on around me. The question was simple. Finding the answer, not so much.

The question: Is there anything that normal human being as you and me, can do to slow down the civilisation’s train or even change the direction?

The answer is quite surprising and improbable one (I must admit that) from the standpoint of a current Zeitgeist.
It is not if we can do something. It turns out that we are the only one that can.

  • 3-5CST Rebecca Kemble hosts an exploration of Solidarity Economy Principles that she helped to create, and we’ll create a guide to taking that discussion into your own communities.
  • 5pmCST New Zealand Roundtable – learn and build on the many incredible mutual aid initiatives thriving in our farthest-flung partner sites. Hosted by Anneleise Hall and Helen Dew.

So looking forward to this. We hope you are too 🙂

We’ll share recordings after the event.

Once more, here’s your zoom link for 12/18-12/19

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2 thoughts on “December Solidarity Summit: Fireside Chats + Annual Meeting!

  1. Recently saw a program featuring Open Collective. Curious whether mutual aid groups are using the platform to help connect, raise $$, provide fiscal sponsorship? Does the international nature of it make it more attractive?

    1. hi

      we’re trying! but haven’t gotten anything going there yet except an empty account. In theory it seems like a great fit, in practice we need to work more to get it going.

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