Equinox Solidarity Summit March 19-20: Celebration of Life – Video and notes added

Our theme for this upcoming Equinox is Celebration of Life

We celebrate those who have gone before, including beloved Edgar Cahn who passed very recently.

Saturday March 19
10am CDTHaving fun online – Sybille Saint Girons shows us a good time showing us how to show others a good time in online meetups.
12 noon CDTDraw a Dreamworld – we’ll be guided through dreaming and drawing in a way that helps us make our dreams reality
2pm CDTLife Cycle Roundtable – participatory conversation about life cycles and transitions in communities, organizations, movements

Sunday March 20
We’ll participate in International Timebanking Day, at 10am CDT, register here.

2-4pm CDT: Book Club: David Graeber and David Wengrow’s The Dawn of Everything


We hope to see you!

2 thoughts on “Equinox Solidarity Summit March 19-20: Celebration of Life – Video and notes added

  1. Hello! I’m interested in Draw a Dreamworld but can’t attend tomorrow. Will you be sharing a recording of the summit? If not, could you share the name of the instructor or the instructions for this exercise?

    I am a co-organizer of a comics making group in Cleveland, and I’ve also recently gotten involved with mutual aid work here. I am SO SO interested in this exercise, and I would love to try it with my comics making group, DSA chapter, and/or Food Not Bombs chapter.

    I’ve been looking for some sort of cross between a drawing exercise (I love Lynda Barry, a Madison local!) and a mutual aid /political brainstorming exercise, and it looks like someone is doing it, of course! I ran into your website while doing research for a new small group of people in Cleveland who want to organize a mutual aid network/coalition here in northeast Ohio, so I am just very excited and would like to engage further with what you’re doing in Madison so that we don’t reinvent the wheel in Cleveland. I will likely reach out via email soon. Thanks!!!

    1. hello!

      I’m so sorry for this very delayed reply, I guess I never look at these comments :/
      however, I’d love to be in touch! I love Lynda Barry, and took a great writing workshop with her once.
      and my family is from Akron. In fact, I’m driving to Ohio today and will be in Akron Sun-Mon or Tue.

      Also – there’s a recording of each session in the blog about the last summit.

      my email is, my phone is 608 443-8229 (text is best, at least for starters so I know who’s getting in touch)


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