HUMANs in Madison Summit February 17-20

Work sprint and collaboration convergence in Madison Wisconsin February 17-20

Followed by optional retreat/field trip Feb 21-23

Gathering with sister projects from Jackson Mississippi, St. Louis MO, Lansing MI, and more.

RSVP here. (But if you forget to rsvp please come anyway!)


  • Orient participants to Mutual Aid Network framework,
  • Build capacity to communicate MAN framework and local projects
  • Orient participants to existing MAN tech – Mutual Aid Platform, timebanking platforms, communications, value flow network mapping
  • Develop plan for tech skill-building program – our tech needs can be early training grounds, or orientation for potential trainers. View as beginning of process
  • Try process for MAN/community money pool plan development
  • Develop framework for future collaborative action, locally and trans-locally


All sessions at Horizon Co-Working, 7 N. Pinckney, unless otherwise noted.

[highlight color=”FFFF00″]Highlighted sessions will be available online. Meeting joining instructions are here. [/highlight]
Fri 2/17 Sat 2/18 Sun 2/19 Mon 2/20
[highlight color=”#FFFF00″]10-12 Poshterity budgeting (we complete our personal and/or project as case study)[/highlight] 11-2 Tech brainstorm brunch! to begin developing tech training program 10-12 Free morning


12-1 lunch – local restaurant 2-3 Break 12-2 lunch

Recap of time so far, map of interdependency

1-3 Lunch

Intros, Overview of MAN and summit

Each presents work for 5 minutes, begin map of interdependence

[highlight color=”#FFFF00″]1-3 Common Fund workshop. HUMANs common fund as case study – aim to create draft.[/highlight] 3-6 Resist and Build Gathering (Labor Temple)


2-3 Break
3-4 Break 3-4 Break 3-7

Pro-Action Cafe (facilitated process to identify courses of action, plot next steps)

Future convenings


[highlight color=”#FFFF00″]4-5 Communication workshop[/highlight]
4-6 Discussion and harvest [highlight color=”#FFFF00″]5-6 Tech tools (overview, discussion/lay out process for capacity development MANs)[/highlight]
6-8 Neighborly meal and drinks at Art In 1444 E. Washington Nothing scheduled Feb 21-23

Field trip, debrief (or not…)

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