MAN Up Quick and Dirty Startup guide

MAN Up quick and dirty checklist

  1. Who is your core group? why?
    1. To establish core group – host exploratory meeting/s – here’s a link to a checklist for organizing an in-person event. coming: links to agendas, videos and handouts, invitation lists and guides for outreach
  2. Establish goals
    1. host visioning gatherings
  3. Vision for how MAN framework could meet those goals
    1. visioning exercises to follow goal-setting exercises
    2. share videos and stories of how others have begun projects
  4. Identify assets and needs as they apply to your goals
    1. The Timebanking Yarn Game – Instructions for basic, interactive game to demonstate how timebanks work. Download as Word Doc and Open Ofiice file (Open Office) and a PDF
    2. The Applied TimeBanking Visioning Game-pdf and The Applied TimeBanking Visioning Game-odt (modifiable)  This is designed to help you envision how you can use timebanking to meet specific community goals, or start projects.
    3. The Build a Better World Game – for group project facilitation learning
    4. [coming: additional exercises to identify resources less available through timebanking, i.e. swaps, shares, purchase, price-based MC, barter, clear categorizations for types of resources less available in commons or timebanking. (i.e. land, miles, equipment). Measurements of social capital, skills and experience]
  5. Start timebanking – Join our HOME marketplace and play there or ask us to help you set up your own.
    1. Play with it. Group activities and applied timebanking for small projects
  6. Join the HUMANs global Mutual Aid Network
  7. Set up project page and account in our HOME marketplace (or your own timebank).
  8. If you want more active support in creating or sustaining a sister project, consider joining with a Dreamer level membership, and benefit from some of our open source tech tools along with our peer support network.
  9. Pay HUMAN hours from project for all the time going into it
  10. Use Poshterity budgeting tools to create budget for project and individual budgets for participants
  11. Organize, adopt MAN legal structure if desired [coming: guide to various legal structures, where and why. guide toward minimal structure needed. legal documents and instructions, places to find technical assistance]
  12. Determine goal for Common Fund
    1. Play NZ Savings Pool Game
    2. Adopt base agreement
  13. Open Common Fund account – [coming: basic guide. Different models, when/why needed, policies, template agreements, legal considerations]

Allentown, PA’s version

  1.     Decide goals
  2.     Set up timeline to meet goals

Outline quarterly goals

  1.     Begin to meet with future collaborators and map out strategy
  2.     Decide on logo and catchphrase to be used
  3.     Setup Social media for crowdfunding
  •     Facebook page – begin layout of what material will be included on this and who is responsible
  •     Contact software/web service currently being used by NHCLV to determine if any stipulations re: server, etc.
  •     Once Facebook page is ready send out for people to like the page to begin to become familiar with project ( this may be moved in the order)
  1.     Crowdfunding page next to be set up – determine who will manage and where the finances will go – check with CFO of NHCLV
  2.     Database do non-profits in the Lehigh Valley to include email & website info( note if they are already members of the local TimeBank.
  3.     Host meeting with local TimeBank to be sure they are ready & geared up for new members whether individuals or organizations.
  4.     Video clip to be used in crowdfunding- link on Facebook page.
  5. Meet with NHCLV to address a link on their website & to carry info on the MAN in the clinics.
  6. Develop a simple brochure
  7. Develop business cards
  8. Develop ppt or Prezi to be used at upcoming community event
  9. Develop letter of introduction to be emailed to all non profits/for profits that will be invited to the community event
  10. Planning for Community Event
  11. Complete database in order to email out a save the date