Mutual Aid Network Pilot Site Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

I. Purpose of the Agreement

This Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) sets out the terms by which the Mutual Aid Networks cooperative, here refered to as HUMANs (Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks) and ___________________(city/organization), hereafter called MAN Pilot Site, will work together. Together we will create a cadre of healthy MAN pilot sites by conducting activities that contribute to shared tools and understanding of cooperative economic practices – timebanking, mutual credit, community savings and lending pools, shared resources, etc. – while building local community resilience and capacity (the MAN framework).

This agreement will remain in effect from the date from when all parties have signed the agreement for 3 years (______________  to _________________). Stephanie Rearick will be the key contact for HUMANs working groups for this project. _______________ will be the key contact for the MAN Pilot Site. These individuals are responsible for ensuring the conduct of the activities listed below.

Through this agreement, HUMANs agrees to provide MAN Pilot Site with ongoing technical assistance and training to assist with the implementation of the MAN framework.

HUMANs’ members will include individuals and organizations. Like all cooperatives, the benefits of the cooperative will be linked to how much the members contribute to it. Because the HUMANs is an umbrella cooperative created to support many cooperative projects, it will support a wide range of activities.

This agreement provides a framework for these parties to work in cooperation to create the HUMANs, designed to support people and projects in creating a cooperative solidarity economy, and delineates each party’s rights and responsibilities in this work.

II. Roles and Responsibilities

A brief description of the roles and responsibilities of the HUMANs and the MAN Pilot Site is detailed below.

Responsibilities of HUMANs

  1. HUMANs will provide technical assistance via maintaining an instance of Wezer that will allow project management and transaction tracking in multiple currencies to the MAN pilot sites.
  2. HUMANs will provide templates for bylaws, core principles, policies, and budgeting and processes for project facilitation, governance, decision-making, and work redesign with the assistance of the MAN pilot sites.
  3. HUMANs will provide opportunities for MAN pilot sites to connect with consultants and experts within the HUMANs network.
  4. HUMANs will set up communications within Wezer to assist in communication and shared learning between the HUMANs and all MAN pilot sites.
  5. HUMANs will assist in the creation of new pilot sites.
  6. HUMANs will provide opportunities for MAN Pilot Sites to access in-person or online skill-shares or site visits from MAN organizers.
  7. HUMANs will help coordinate crowdfunding campaigns, grantwriting assistance workshops, and funders circles.
  8. HUMANs will create evaluation processes with the assistance of MAN Pilot Sites. HUMANs will help MAN Pilot Site conduct such assessments.

Responsibilities of MAN Pilot Site

In return for the above, MAN Pilot Site agrees to implement the MAN framework. Specifically, MAN Pilot Site agrees to:

  1. Have a community improvement initiative or organization which is beginning with at least one part of the MAN framework and would like to develop at least one additional component of the MAN framework.
  2. Gain approval from the initiative’s or organization’s decision-making body to participate as a MAN Pilot Site.
  3. Determine that participating as a MAN Pilot Site with the HUMANs would be mutually beneficial.
  4. MAN Pilot Site will have a designated Steward who makes a three-year commitment to the initiative. The Steward of a MAN pilot site can also be a team of people or a standing council or board.  
  5. MAN Pilot Site will also define a clear path for the role of Steward to continue when that Steward’s time is complete. MAN Pilot Site will outline the succession plan/process used by their group to find a new Steward and smoothly transfer responsibilities if/when necessary.
  6. The MAN Pilot Site is willing and able to secure additional resources to support the local MAN Pilot Site initiative. In collaboration with the HUMANs, each pilot site will aim to raise $100,000 for the initial 3 years of operation.
  7. The MAN Pilot Site will declare clear goals for its own initiative. The MAN Pilot Site will honestly reflect on its progress and consider changes that may increase its effectiveness. Specific goals will be adjusted to ensure progress toward its overall vision as a pilot site.
  8. The MAN Pilot Site will participate in pilot site evaluation (both process and outcome evaluation) by agreeing to evaluate the implementation of the MAN framework and allowing participants of the initiative to complete outcome evaluation measures at the beginning, during, and after the MOA time commitment. Each MAN Pilot Site will complete a mutually-agreed upon evaluation process at 6 month intervals during the 3 years of the MOA commitment.
  9. The MAN Pilot Site will share learning and license materials produced and used with the HUMANs and MAN pilot sites. Materials and templates will be licensed with Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licenses or other Commons-Based Reciprocity Licenses collectively chosen by the HUMANs and MAN pilot sites.
  10. The MAN Pilot Site will nominate and support one of its principals to participate as a member of the HUMANs working board and/or MAN workgroups.
  11. The MAN Pilot Site will participate in twice-monthly workgroup calls by HUMANs workgroups and working board.
  12. The MAN Pilot Site will submit one report per year for the pilot site. Each report should include the following two components:
    1. A narrative summary of the progress achieved toward implementing and evaluating a MAN framework considering the local conditions of your specific pilot site.
    2. A financial report detailing how funds have been raised and utilized.
  13. Information, photographs, and narratives provided by the MAN Pilot Site may be used by the HUMANs for outreach and fundraising purposes.

III. Financial Arrangement

The HUMANs requests yearly dues of each member.  These are based on a sliding scale correlating to a group’s budget or yearly income.

The MAN Pilot Site agrees to provide 10% of fundraising to HUMANs that the HUMANs assists the MAN Pilot site in obtaining. These funds would include, but not be limited to, coordinated crowdfunding campaigns, grantwriting assistance, and funders circles.

While many of the resources provided by the HUMANs will be open-source and shared freely with all; for limited resources, such as [fiat] money, etc., we will be experimenting with methods such as sociocracy and patronage points/rebates to equitably distribute HUMANs resources to the pilot sites for both monetary and nonmonetary contributions.  These contributions may be in the form of resources, intellectual/physical efforts, or whatever forms of value the HUMANs and MAN pilot sites may collectively elect. Additionally, the HUMANs may choose to invest in new MANs as start-ups.  This experimentation functions to create a dynamic and supportive flow of resources whether one is fundraising for their own local MAN or the HUMANs, which leads to members having an equitable stake in the results of their efforts.  

IV. Duration of the Agreement

This agreement will be in effect from the date from when all parties have signed the agreement for 3 years and may be updated at any time through written agreement of each partner. If the initial principal of the MAN Pilot Site is not able to fulfill the obligation, a successor will be named to fulfill the obligation of the term if possible. Either party can terminate the agreement with 90 days written notice. The net transferable assets other than those held upon a condition requiring full return, transfer or conveyance by reason of the dissolution or liquidation must be contributed to the HUMANs for distribution to other MAN pilot sites, or to designated beneficiaries whose missions align with the MAN Pilot Site mission.

V. Signatures of Parties’ Principals

If the terms of this Memorandum of Agreement are acceptable, please sign and date this agreement letter. Once HUMANs has received the signed MOA, the HUMANs will send approval to the MAN Pilot Site.

Thank you very much!



Signature/Title, HUMANs Principal, Date



Signature/Title, MAN Pilot Site Principal, Date

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