more MAN news – Allied Coop, new MAN video, indiegogo campaign for MAN Up Summit

Hello again

I’m writing a lot (thanks for bearing with me) because a lot is happening. ecommony

Good stuff!

First, the Allied Community Coop, near and dear to me for many reasons (a small one is I’m treasurer of the Board), voted to join the Main MAN at yesterday’s board meeting. And to pursue becoming an official pilot site. Hooray! This is the group that came up with PowerTime II, the very first inkling of what a MAN could become. Here’s the Builders Workshop (monthly work-and-learn series that helped lead to the MAN) that led us to see how we could use timebanking to start to leverage money (in energy savings) that could be managed cooperatively to build commonly-owned resources. You can check out the whole workshop series, plus additional related posts, to access this learning journey.

Or join our web summit for a condensed version!

One more thing about the Allied Coop before I move on – we had what felt like a fruitful meeting with Madison Mayor Paul Soglin yesterday. We’re trying to get the opportunity to open a Neighborhood Resource Center there, plus we were the only applicants for a $300K forgivable loan the city allocated to help initiate a grocery store in the neighborhood. So things are suddenly moving much faster. We also just hired a great team, all working very part time to do outreach in the neighborhood to build our ranks and strengths in preparation for all this great stuff coming up. Stay tuned…

In other Main MAN news, we have brought John Quinlan on to help us with MAN communications. You can look forward to seeing a lot of his work as we move through the web summit and set up crowdfunding and other communications.

Two things John just did, that you hereby are invited to check out:

  1. Made this hour-long video interview with me, about the MAN, for his TV show Forward Forum. We’ll chop it up and put pieces on our website so let me know if there are bits that are particularly useful.
  2. Got our crowdfunding campaign started for the August MAN Up Summit. Please contribute! Please help spread the word!

And please consider coming to Madison for the Summit August 20-28. It’s going to be a great time! (see last post for more info)

and now on to the UK. As always, thanks for reading.

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