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I wrote this article back at the end of February, then a long preamble once COVID then all of the tumult ensuing from the murder of George Floyd began.

Monneta is the organization founded by my hero, the late great Margrit Kennedy. She had a major influence on the fact that I work on this scale at all.

Here’s the article, I hope you enjoy it. Its title is from before our country’s most recent big descent into more open virulence and violence, and I definitely don’t feel glib about all this. At the same time, I do feel fine about the end of this last world epoch that is crashing to a close, and may we succeed in birthing a beautiful next one. Our lives kinda depend on it.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It, And I Feel Fine

by Stephanie Rearick, written 2/25/2020

published at June 20, 2020

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