Quick tidbits – including the Yes Men say yes to the MAN! plus article, interview, indiegogo


While I work on the book that my UK trip blog post is turning into, I interrupt my flow (or lack thereof) to bring you some quick important news…

First, the Yes Men are coming! They’ll be at our launch party for Mutual Aid Networks, here in Madison Wisconsin on Monday August 24. At the High Noon Saloon. Featuring a clip from the Yes Men’s new film, plus other cool performances and the premier of our MAN Up simulation game.

Stay tuned at  – we’re currently scheduling and updating the page at a rapid clip.

And I have a new article out at Other Worlds are Possible.

And an interview with Michel Bauwens on the P2P Foundation blog

So check those out! And then go contribute to our crowdfunding campaign to help us bring our out-of-town guests who will be training us in Sociocracy, building software that works for our needs, bringing their expertise and collaborative spirit from around the world… The more we raise the more people we can bring.

And make your travel plans to be with us in Madison Wisconsin for our MAN Up Summit August 20-28. Or join select sessions online – including our first Main MAN general membership meeting August 27! Schedule here.

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