Solidarity Summit 9/25-27 – Raw video and notes links here

This is done now but I’m leaving up this post and linking to the raw video and notes until I have time to make the real report-outs. Thanks for checking it out! and stay tuned for the next one January 23+24, we’ll apply what we learned and make an even (lots) better Solidarity Summit. 

Please join us for this weekend’s Solidarity Summit!

Join here for the live event

Friday 9/25 at 3:30pm  CDT (UTC-5) through Sunday 9/27 at 8pm CDT (UTC-5)

What’s a Solidarity Summit?
At the Solidarity Summit we’ll gather (COVID-safe, physically distant, outdoor, masked when possible, and/or online) simultaneously in our localities with our local mutual aid partners, and connect online across all the locations participating, in order to build skills, relationships, and momentum together while benefiting our local work.

Read more here.

People will be attending from vastly different time zones – you can tune in anytime between
Friday at 3pm CDT (UTC-5) and Sunday at 8pm CDT (UTC-5) and check out expo booths, session recordings, and maybe people to network with.

Fri Sept 25
3:30-4pm CDT (UTC-5)) Networking rooms open – Meet and mingle
4-6pm CDT (UTC-5)  HUMANs Annual General Membership Meeting – Welcome new sister sites! Learn about old ones! Enjoy each other’s company, then elect our Board of Directors.

Sat. Sept 26
10:30am  CDT (UTC-5) Networking room/s Meet and mingle
11am  CDT (UTC-5)  Roundtable Project shares
– Meet each other with a short introduction of our local projects, with visuals. Speed round! leading into…
12-2pm  CDT (UTC-5) Dreamtime – trans-local Vision to Action exercise. We’ll be together to guide a process for realizing your local dreams. Dream with your local community if they’re with us, or connect with other dreamers to see how they’ll use mutual aid tools to make their dreams a reality. A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. — Yoko Ono
2-3pm  CDT (UTC-5) BREAK. Take some time to enjoy your Saturday, whether you go outside or take a nap or check out the Expo booths or the networking (like random speed dating)
3-5pm  CDT (UTC-5) Tech tools overview and skillshare There are a lot of tools available for mutual aid work. Learn what’s being used now, what is on tap for the future, and brainstorm how we can more effectively collectivize our efforts to accommodate everyone, at all ends of the tech-access spectrum.
5-6pm CDT (UTC-5) BREAK. Take some time to enjoy your Saturday, whether you go outside or take a nap or check out the Expo booths or the networking (like random speed dating)
6-8pm  CDT (UTC-5)  Economic tools overview and skillshare Learn, share, and build our collective understanding of the variety of cooperative economic tools at our fingertips – common funds (hybrid of savings pool model), time exchange, mutual credit, other currencies.

Sun Sept 27
11:30am  CDT (UTC-5) Networking room/s Meet and mingle
12-1pm  CDT (UTC-5) Pulse of the People overview and invitation
– Let’s launch our mutual aid PotP conferences! Connect and build support for and with our communities, local artists, mutual aid groups, learn what our neighbors are thinking, and build our mutual aid movement!
1-3pm CDT (UTC-5)Lunch break (stay for networking, expo booths if you like)
3-5pm  CDT (UTC-5) Roundtable skillshares on cooperative projects with renewable energy, food sovereignty/security, housing, and the creative destruction of prison industrial complex. Together and in breakouts, building more ways to move forward in concert.
5-6pm CDT (UTC-5) BREAK. Take some time to enjoy your Saturday, whether you go outside or take a nap or check out the Expo booths or the networking (like random speed dating)
6-8pm  CDT (UTC-5) Art, reflection, and celebration.
Onward – we’ll share recordings and continue to build on partnerships, synergies, and friendships we find in the summit.

Friday + Saturday (2020 Solidarity Summit) – (the event will go live at 2PM  CDT (UTC-5) on the 25th, and it will remain available to attendees anywhere in the world until 8PM  CDT (UTC-5) on the 27th)

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Join Event”
  3. If you already have a Hopin account, click “Sign in” at the top of the page. If not, please enter your first name, last name, and email address, and click the button that says “Sign Up.” This will create your individual Hopin account, from which you will be able to login to all future events or meetings that are hosted on the Hopin platform.
  4. You should now be inside the virtual platform! At the top right-hand side of your screen, you will see a circle next to the “help” button. Click on that, and it will provide a drop-down. Click on “Profile,” and update your profile information including your picture, LinkedIn account, Twitter account, and Website (if you have these).
  5. Feel free to explore the virtual event platform and schedule ahead of our Summit, which begins at 2PM  CDT (UTC-5)
  6. Try it out beforehand in order to have a nice smooth Summit Experience. And add your info, set up an expo booth, and maximize your experience.

Hope to see you!

Take care,


Founder, Creative Director of HUMANs


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