Upcoming Solidarity Summit!! January 23-24, 2021

Happy new year! let’s start 2021 off right….

We’re getting ready to host our second online, global Solidarity Summit !

We’ll have expo booths for ongoing learning and sharing of individual projects, some performance and keynoting, and several workshops and skillshares over the course of the weekend. Plus opportunities to network and chat as you wish, and to work together asynchronously and/or multilingually via idealoom.

Help shape it if you like!

This first summit of 2021 will have 4 main threads:

HUMAN development – implementing and stewarding the different life stages of Mutual Aid Networks (MANs)
Community Justice – creative destruction of the prison industrial complex, reparations, racial justice, social justice, economic justice
Healthy Humans – staying healthy in all the ways
Tools for a HUMAN economy – software, economic practices, organizing tools

Hope you can join us! Register here.



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