December 2022 Solidarity Summit Notes and Recording

Theme: The HUMAN Family

On zoom, Saturday December 17 at 2-4pmCST we hosted our quarterly Solidarity Summit and annual general member meeting. HUMANs overview and action-mapping session, and a 15-minute Board election.

The recording is here. The Action Map is here – please feel free to continue to add to it.

What’s action mapping? We invited people from around the world to share their exciting mutual aid projects where we’ll document them and then see how we can quickly ignite mutually beneficial lines of support for each other.

The Board election – The slate was adopted unanimously. Welcome to our awesome 2022-23 Board!

  • Mid-term
    • Stephanie Rearick, Gorazd Norcic
  • Up for re-election – Sybille Saint Girons (France), Tim Jones (Madison), Delonte Wilkins (DC), Kurt Roskopf (Milwaukee) , Anneleise Hall (NZ), Kate Macdonald (Hull UK), Rebecca Kemble (Madison)
  • New candidates
    • Emily Gollmer (Madison WI), Krissy Gilmore (Tampa FL)

From 4-5pm CST – Zoom Karaoke party! Marilyn will join us from Oahu HI to host a zoom karaoke party that will be fun for all of us. Madisonians feel free to join us at the Social Justice Center (1202 Williamson) for a hybrid live/zoom if you like.

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