June 24-25 ’23 Solidarity Summit: Spreading Like Wildflowers II Recording here

Happy Solstice!

Here’s the recording from our June 25, 2023 Solidarity Summit zoom session. We were very happy to have people join from the US, Slovenia, Nigeria, Mexico, and the UK. Lots of possibilities….

Other sessions were in person in Madison and Milwaukee Wisconsin.

It was a weekend for fun, learning, and dream-realizing. We’re also kicking off some exciting new stuff including Dreamer-level memberships.

Go ahead and join the HUMANs now 🙂 If you’ve joined but haven’t yet set yourself up at our marketplace or added your offers and wants, go ahead and do that now.

and this was the schedule for the weekend:

Saturday 3-5pm CDT join online karaoke with host Marilyn Lamer, on zoom here.
For maximum smoothness and fun, check out these instructions!

  • Please know the song(s) you’d like to sing when you show us
  • Share your screen of the youtube (or other platform) you are using to play the song(s)
  • When you start it, turn music volume down half way
  • If possible, let us know what the songs are ahead of time: Email song titles and links to

Sunday, 6/25, 12-2CDT we’ll host both on zoom and at the Social Justice Center (Madison WI), a showcase of mutual aid and how it’s working in different places, then how it can apply for you and your community. Meet people from all over the world and see the cool stuff they’re doing, and how they can help you do it too!

This promises to be a very fun and fruitful summit, even more if you join.

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