Loving being HUMAN

Hello HUMANs,

At a time like this I’m very glad to be building the beautiful new world with all of you. Let’s have it up and running by the time this COVID thing lifts! Here are some ways you can help do that —

all on this zoom channel, more instructions here

TOMORROW! Friday July 17, 12noon CDT Big Picture Salon – Coordinating Movement Building Series Session #4 This is a roundtable conversation, and the fourth on this topic, with the Mutual Aid/LinkUp (DC) team sharing their work and framing the big question – How we build sustainable effective movements. We’ll all share our experiences and perspectives on organizing, especially in context of ending police brutality and structural racism, with a mutual aid approach. This is a fairly open conversation, and can last between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on the desires of participants. We’ll need to work together to establish graceful ways to hear each person’s voice, so please give some attention to how we move forward and back in giving each other airtime.
Join us for Sunday Skool each Sunday at 1pm – physically distant at Orton Park in Madison (wear your mask!) or on zoom. The topic, until further notice, is peacebuilding. We’re taking that in a number of directions, which you can help shape.
Learn more about several of our projects, including HUMANs, the Common Good card, Everywhere Gardens, and our local Madison MAN Coop in this 15-minute video I made for our home The Social Justice Center‘s recent SJC Jubilee fundraiser.
Read this Op-Ed I wrote, as a human, that reflects some thinking common to the HUMANs.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your solidarity.
Lots of love,
(Founder, Creative Director HUMANs and Madison MAN coop)

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