Notes and Recordings here for September Solidarity Summit: Clusterflocks

Solidarity Summit Sept. 16-17, 1-3pm CDT

murmuration forming a large bird made of many small birds

Here are notes and recordings of our September 2023 Solidarity Summit: Clusterflocks!

These are the slides, and they include links to other sites and notes.

The recordings are here: Part 1: Getting to Know You. Part 2: Clustering our Flocks.

September 16 and 17, 1-3pm CDT each day, on zoom and anywhere any local group wants to gather (we’ll be at the Social Justice Center in Madison WI). Theme is Clusterflocks. Goal is clustering our flocks in ways that can build the potential of each of us, and our networks.

Saturday September 16, 1-3pm CDTFor newcomers, and people who want easy open conversation, this is a Getting to Know You session. We’ll give overviews of the HUMANs and the summit, and hear from each of you, and chat more about whatever topics are compelling to you.

Sunday September 17, 1-3pm CDT This second session of the summit will focus in on Communities of Place and Communities of Practice. We’ll have 2 facilitated breakout sessions where people can dive into how to realize more dreams through connecting various cooperators  – one session organized by geography, the other by interest area (justice, food, travel, housing). We’ll regroup to process what we’ve learned and how we can operationalize it.

We’ve very pleased to share that is a partner in the Sunday session, and one of the breakout rooms will focus on how we can connect more meaningfully via and with timebanking.

Later that day people will follow up on this conversation with’s monthly Chat on the Bench, 3-4 CDT on this Zoom link. Why is it called “Chat on the Bench?” Whether you’re waiting for the bus or need sit and rest, sitting on the bench is the perfect place. Sitting on the bench may offer an opportunity to meet a stranger who becomes your friend, or it’s a place to receive comfort. Every time we take time to sit on our bench, we learn something new and feel supported! All the stories shared are TimeBank-related. 

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